We specialise in all BOSCH eBikes including folding, hybrid, MTB and cargo.

When the time came to make a decision in 2014 as to which company to choose from in terms of dedicating capital, time and training BOSCH came at the top of our list closely followed by STEPS.

What we love about BOSCH systems is the way it's designed, manufactured, supplied and supported. 100% dedication and we would not expect anything less. At the heart of most moving parts there are bearings, solid axles and liquid in some form. Most of the time these items are connected and in order to do our job properly in supporting our customers with their chosen brand, a good warranty support with a good track record of supplying spare and replacement parts was vital. In order to keep down time to a minimum, the choice in the end was BOSCH and SIMANO.

We do however keep a very close eye on the eBike market and new brands will be added to this list once the above criteria has been satisfied.

CYCLEDELIK eBike speciality


Are you an ebike manufacturer and wish to be added to the above list? We would love to hear from you! Please call us on +443331230500 and ask to speak to Rachid or any of the Tech team.