24/7 Specialists mobile bicycle mechanics. Roadside assistance, fleet support and on the spot bicycle, cargo bike, eBike and fat bike service and repairs. Specialists in BOSCH, BROSE, STEPS, eTAP, Di2, EPS, Hub gears, suspension and Hydraulics. Est.2007

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What We Do

Fully kitted out specialist mobile bicycle unit specializing in on the spot cycle and eBike service and repairs. Est.2007 we deliver reliable, consistent and professional service to all serious cyclists, commuters and businesses. We are all about the best possible customer service money can buy and unparalleled attention to detail. 
We work tirelessly to make sure each and every customer receives the highest level of service with minimum inconvenience to cycling and commuting routine. Quality control, know how and riders safety is at the heart of what we do. Trained to the highest standards, responsible and professional cycle and eBike mechanics by one of the best mechanics in the UK.


On call 24/7

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BOSCH eBike Service

Specialist on the spot service and repair on BOSCH eBikes as well as system maintenance and updates.

Time: From 10 mins

Availability: 24/7

Price: From £15.00 inc. Vat

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Basic Service

Safety check, gears and brakes adjustments. Ideal for any bike as often as possible.

Time: 15-20min

Availability: 24/7

Price: £45.00 inc. Vat

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Kids Bike Service

Same as the Basic service..

Time: 15mins

Availability: 24/7

Price: £25.00 inc. Vat

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Express Service

Safety check and adjustments plus full gear service. Ideal for any bike with V brakes.

Time: 45min

Availability: 24/7

Price: £70.00 inc. Vat

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General Service

In addition to the Express Service, wheel hubs are serviced. Ideal for Cargo bikes and bicycles with disc brakes.

Time: 2hrs

Availability: 24/7

Price: £115.00 inc. Vat

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Events support

Major events support per mechanic full day. 
1/2 days are available to book online.

Time: 8.5 hrs

Availability: 24/7

Price: £1395.00 excl. Vat

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Hydraulic Brakes Service


Time: 1 hr

Availability: 24/7

Price: £65.00 inc. Vat

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Hub Gear Service

Full service on SRAM, SHIMANO and Sturmey archer hub gear.

Time: 2 hrs

Availability: 24/7

Price: £125 inc. Vat

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All service & repair options

To see all our service and repair options including speciality, please click on the book now button.

Time: Varies

Availability: 24/7

Price: Varies


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eBike, Di2, eTAP & EPS specialists

Acredited dealers of SHIMANO, SRAM, CAMPAGNOLO, BROSE and certified BOSCH mechanics.

Eileen Q via Freeindex

Great service especially when an additional call out was needed afew weeks later for another problem. Very punctual even for early morning appointments and work was carried quickly and efficiently. Rachid also gave good advice about work and if was worth doing on a bike or not. This is about the sixth or seventh time I have used cycledelik over the last few years and like the fact that they have alot of experience with trikidoo trikes.

Sandi S via Google Reviews

Perfect for me. I've cycled for decades and tried every kind of venue to give my beloved bikes the care and attention they deserve. This is the peak experience at incredible value and with maximum efficiency. Other than taking the time to book online, I don't have to lift a finger.


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